Floods, storms, earthquakes and wild fires all simultaneously begin to devastate our planet as three young scientists have been given the task by our government of finding solutions to this Apocalypse in order to save our world. But questions begin to arise as the three of them suddenly discover that everything that they have been told and everything that they have believed in is a lie. As the truth about what they have been working on over the last ten years begins to unravel, they slowly start to realize that not only do they not know who they are, but they are not actually certain where they are.

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Status: Pre-Production

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Click on the link below to listen to "Real Is Always Light"

Real Is Always Light (Audio Stream)
Performed by: Victoria Kosyakov
Music and lyrics by: Igor Dymkov

Real Is Always Light - Saxophone Version (Audio Stream)
Performed by: Igor Dymkov
Music by: Igor Dymkov


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